Episode 2- The Journeyman

Episode 2- The Journeyman

In this Episode we will address the following questions as you start your journey.

  • Why become the journeyman?
  • What programming language should i learn?
  • How should learn it?
  • Whats my provision for this quest? ... you are now a journeyman.. we will discuss more on what underlies that more..

Why become the journeyman?

The difficulty with teaching programming is that it cannot be taught. The difficulty with learning programming is that it is so much work. A teacher can help, lecture, criticize, guide, smooth the path. A student can take notes, memorize, read, pass tests, discuss until two in the morning. All this effort will be meaningless if the student does not practice by actually writing programs, because programming, like other skills, can be acquired only by practice. Furthermore, the practice must be on "real" programs and not on the simplistic material found in most programming language manuals.

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